Temperature chamber and walk-in chambers

The range of temperature chambers we represent allows extensive temperature testing’s.

German Binder temperature chambers without refrigeration

  • Temperature range ambient +10 °C…+300 °C
  • Sizes from 28 liter to 720 liter

Japanese temperature chambers with or without refrigeration. Also clean room compatible models up to 20 °C/min change rates.

  • Temperature range -85 °C…+180 °C, models up to +700 °C
  • Sizes from 22 liter to 1500 liter

Temperature walk-in chambers made by Japanese ESPEC. Many standard models and customer-specific solutions.

  • Temperature range -65 °C…+150 °C

Affordable temperature chambers made by Testware Oy.

  • Temperature range -20 °C…+85 °C